Tap In is a live, group meditation app.
Every day at 3pm, a teacher broadcasts a meditation for ten minutes.

Tap In is devoted completely to being in the moment. There is only 1 UI element: a button that allows you to Tap In to a live sessions. This button only becomes active, when a session is active at 3pm.

The remainder of the app —the breathing coach, the generated light orbs (each representing a live user as they come and go )— is meant to be experienced not interacted with. These generative animations are created in real time, a bit different every day, just like each live session and each time you sit to meditate.

Once a mediation begins, even the app's minimal UI fades away and disappears, a refreshing change from apps that are always vying for your attention.

We do not have any double tapping or scrolling. The UI is completely stripped back, to support the concept of the app in full authenticity: A teacher broadcasts a meditation once a day, for ten minutes, and the experience only lives once.

This is unlike almost all apps, not just meditation apps. It is technology that supports us, not distracts us.
I created, launched and mantain this app with the amazing team at Fictive Kin. 

/Created at Fictive Kin
All work copyright Margaux Le Pierrès